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Avaliable service in Aravan Evi

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    Laundry :We have laundry and iron service as well.
    Daily Cappadocia Tours
    Private Guides
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    Folklore Evenings
    Airport Shuttle and private transfer
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Transfers: We provide free (one way) shuttle service for Turkish Airlines flights TK 2010 ,TK 2012 , TK 2014 , TK 2018 , TK 7290 , TK 2006 and TK 2008 for guests who have booked with Aravan Evi directly. For all the other Turkish Airline flights, private transfer is possible. For Onur Air , Sunexpress Airlines and Pegasus flights, free shuttle service can be arranged if the airline provides service.Please ask:  info@aravan.com
Activities ; 

Visit our organic garden near village;
Discover Cappadocia and Ayvali village in a different way. You can ride off on donkey through the valleys and the fabulous landscape of Cappadocia.You can discover with donkey riding mysterious to valleys of Ayvali village.You can visit our garden while you are staying in Aravan Evi Hotel and taste all fruits and vegetables growth in Ecologic ways. More over, you will be able to pick your vegetables for your dinner with us.

Hot Air Balloon
A hot air balloon flight is different from all other experiences of flight. Traveling at heights up to 1500 feet you feel peaceful and tranquil, with no sensation of motion. Within moments after lifting off, you become at ease while you effortlessly drift over the treetops and the spectacular Cappadocian landscapes.

The deep canyons, lush fertile valleys and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia provide balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight. Gentle winds carry you over places that could never be viewed except by balloon. Ballooning can be such fun! In season, you can even pick apricots from the trees.

   A highly specialized ‘Walking Tour’ that takes you into traditional village life of Central Cappadocia. Visiting local homes and rock-hewn villages, exploring many spectacular lesser known valleys will impress you. You can hike through many valleys of Cappadocia that offer a variety of hiking experience from one to four hours and more. Paths lead through vineyards and past streams. 
   If you are in the mood for an adventurous tour, Cappadocia offers exciting cycling tours in its beautiful and different landscape. Hang on for a most scenic and memorable biking experience. This is a wonderful outing for all abilities to enjoy. You can ride through the vineyards and enjoy the single tracks in the valleys. Do not forget that you do not have to cycle for kilometers to visit a sight or museum; they are very close to each other. 
   Discover Cappadocia in a different way. You can ride off on horseback through the valleys and the fabulous landscape of Cappadocia. Horseback riding allows you to cover a great distance on small tracks well away from the traffic and crowds. You can get a feel for the area riding through a full day exploring the fascinating frescoed and rock-carved churches of the Goreme Open Air museum, the fairy chimneys of Pasabag and Devrent Valleys 
   Sema is the inspiration of Mevlânâ Celâleddin-i Rumî (1207 - 1273) as well as part of Turkish custom, history, beliefs and culture. It symbolizes in seven parts the different meanings of a mystic cycle to perfection (Ascension - Mirac). Contemporary science definitely confirms that the fundamental condition of our existence is to revolve. There is no object, no being which does not revolve and the shared similarity among beings is the revolution of the electrons and protons in the atoms, which constitute the structure of the smallest particle to the stars far in the sky. As a consequence of this similarity, every thing revolves and man carries on his life, his very existence by means of the revolution in the atoms, structural elements in his body, bye the circulation of his blood, bye his coming from the Earth and return to it, by his revolving with the Earth itself.
Activities: Please contact with us for further information about the activities which are presented above. info@aravan.com 
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