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Aravan Evi is a family-run Boutique Hotel located in the village of Ayvali.  We are just a 10-minute drive from the town of Urgup.
Built in 2002, Aravan Evi was first known for our outstanding restaurant, serving guests with unpretentious home-cooked food. Vegetarians are also catered for.  Our tandir style dishes earned us quite a reputation and we were featured in Conde Nast and Lonely Planet.
Aravan Evi has been built and handcrafted with the natural stone of Cappadocia.  Our growing hotel currently has 5 bedrooms with fully marbled bathrooms.  The rooms are beautifully decorated. Step out of the room and you will be within minutes from a hiking trail and beautiful brook
The village is unspoilt and an underground city is yet to be excavated.  An Early Christian Byzantine Cave Church containing frescoes can also be found.
Enjoy the peacefulness of this little gem we call home, after a long day touring the tourist-filled Cappadocia.
If you are looking for a sophisticated yet true to village style, look no further.  Because at Aravan Evi, we offer an excellent blend of Turkish warmth and hospitality, with a modern and clean facilities.  And at Aravan Evi, we do our best to make our guests feel like they are home, away from home
Ayvali Village ( Old name is Aravan ) Cappadocia

The Best Small Towns and Villages in Turkey

Ayvali Village : The smell of apricots permeates the village as the harvest blankets the roofs of the flat-topped houses. Down in the valley is an almost eerie grouping of cave facades that retain the curvy lines of the smooth cave surfaces. At sunset, the sound of drums in the distance and the image of village women baking the evening meal's bread in ancient rock ovens create an unforgettable vision of rural life.

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Cappadocia is the historical name of the region in Central Turkey, 750km south west of Istanbul and 300 km South of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The actual region which we call Cappadocia covers the cities of Nevsehir, Kayseri, Nigde and Aksaray. The area is about 100 square miles, and in the center of it we find Urgup and Goreme.
Wherever you stay in Cappadocia, you will need to join a tour or have a car to get around. Ayvali, centrally located for visiting the historical sites in Cappadocia, is 10 km to the south of Urgup and situated in the one of most beautiful Green Valleys of Cappadocia. Take the road to Mustafapasa. On the halfway after leaving Urgup, after the first bridge, turn right following the yellow sign pointing to Mazikoy Roman Tombs, and Ayvali village (misspelled as Ayvalik).
It is a peaceful small road with spectacular geographical formations. Ayvalı is a small village away from the tourist crowds and still has an untouched tradition of a living style. No tourist shops or people who want to sell you carpets are around.
Historical Monuments & visits in Ayvali
 • Ayvali Cave church : Attached to Gamirasu Hotel, a 12th century cave church with frescoes.
•Haci Ismail Deresi Early Christian Byzantine cave churches with frescoes.
•Golgoli Hill cave town at the high top of the mountain with a built historical Orthodox church in the middle.
• 40 Gule underground settlement.
•Iceridere & Uludere valleys with pigeon houses, untouched hidden beauties with pigeon houses and orchards.
•Gomeda valley, a small outdoor museum with cave monastery and cave churches.
• Roman Tombs and underground city in Mazikoy.
•Old Greek houses in Mustafapasa.
• Goreme Open Air Museum, Underground Cities and Fairy Chimneys are 10 to 20 minutes driving distance from Ayvali.
Tourism in Ayvali Village: 
Ayvali Village is selected as the sample village of Cappadocia by Ministry of Tourism.
There are two hotels in Ayvalı.One is Aravan Evi and the other one is Gamirasu Hotel. Aravan Evi also a restaurant which serves traditional Cappadocian village home style cooking.Please visit our Restaurant page

You may arrange horse riding, mountain biking, or sightseeing tours, and join in agricultural activities as well.
Cave & Stone Houses in Ayvali
Some the cave and stone houses (so called because they are built out of volcanic rock cut of "tufa" layer) are still inhabited.
You will be invited to visit and have a drink by the owners as part of the hospitality if you walk in the village.
The village wedding takes 3 to 5 days and everyone in the village is invited, even the visitors. There is music, dancing and many delicious meals. Sometimes the marriages are arranged but these days the young girls and boys tell their parents whom they want and the parents arrange the wedding. The girls and the boys prepare a dowry for the marriage. Families in the village are large and keep close. Respect to the elderly and a love for children has always been alive . Hospitality is genuine.
       Traditional life                                  Grape molasses                                  Our Guests try harvest in organic garden               
Except for Aravan Evi Hotel and Gamirasu Hotel, inhabitants of the village are farmers. Apricots, potatoes and grapes are the major crops grown in Ayvali. Traditional rural life is in place. The women in the village still come with their pitchers to get their water from the communal fountain. Once every two days the communal “Stone Oven” across from the Aravan Evi is heated. If you accept a warm welcome, you are invited to taste the hot bread just coming out of the oven. They also make lace and do embroidery as well as design their scarves. Men are well-known in the area as good stone masons and go to work in other towns as well. After the opening hotels, the village has been constantly developing.
Population & Administration
Less than one thousand people live in the center of the village. There is an elected Mayor who stays in his post for 4 years. The mayor does registration of births and may register marriages as well. Most administrative work is done in Urgup, though.

There is a primary school in the village for 8 years compulsory education. For high school, children go to Urgup. The closest universities are in Kayseri and Ankara, Istanbul

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