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Aravan Evi Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia, at Ayvali village near Urgup town.

The Best Small Towns and Villages in Turkey

Ayvali (old name Aravan) Village : The smell of apricots permeates the village as the harvest blankets the roofs of the flat-topped houses. Down in the valley is an almost eerie grouping of cave facades that retain the curvy lines of the smooth cave surfaces. At sunset, the sound of drums in the distance and the image of village women baking the evening meal's bread in ancient rock ovens create an unforgettable vision of rural life.

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Distances in Cappadocia
Urgup -Aravan Evi :10 km
Göreme- Aravan Evi: 14 km
Nevşehir airport- Aravan evi 45km
Kayseri airport- Aravan evi 75 km
Kaymaklı underground city- 15 km
Soganlı hikking village: 40 km

Nevşehir – İstanbul : 750 km
Nevşehir – Ankara : 290 km
Nevşehir – İzmir : 790 km
Nevşehir – Efes : 850 km
Nevşehir – Pamukkale: 620 km
Nevşehir – Antalya : 635 km
Nevşehir – Konya : 230 km
Nevşehir – Adana : 285 km

Dolmus bus : Regular bus between Urgup and Ayvali village, If you do not have a car.


How to get to Cappadocia and Ayvali village

By Air :

There are frequent flights from Istanbul to both Kayseri and Nevsehir Airports.


By Bus:
Since there is not a wide railway, you can find busses available to various destinations in Turkey. The busses used for transportation among provinces are modern, comfortable and always air conditioned. They are much cheaper than the flights. Long distance busses are generally run overnight.
We have free pick-up service from / to Urgup bus station.

Here are the recommended bus companies:

Nevsehir Seyahat: 444 50 50
Metro Turizm : 444 34 55
Kent Turizm :444 38 38

By Car :
You can easily find where our hotel is located on a Turkey Road Map. Please follow the road from Nevsehir to Urgup and onto Ayvali village, where our hotel is located.
You can also contact us for driving directions.


Urgup to Ayvali Village

Ayvali village to Urgup

Departure: 08:30am

Arrival: 08:50am

Departure: 08:00am

Arrival: 08:20am

Departure: 14:00pm

Arrival: 14:20pm

Departure: 09:30pm

Arrival: 09:50pm

Departure: 17:00pm

Arrival: 17:20pm

Departure: 15:00pm

Arrival: 15:20pm


Taxi : Available at any hour at the hotel or in Urgup, 24 hours / 24 hours.


Cappadocia Hotel Turkey Ayvali village.

 Please contact with us  for all your questions. We will pleasure to help in Cappadocia
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Aravan Evi
Ayvali Köyü Ürgüp Cappadocia / Turkey
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